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Loverat Exposed By THREE Girlfriends!


Talk to the Press represents victims of serial loverat Charlie Fisher who was caught out by his THREE girlfriends at the airport!  This is a Loverat EXPOSED!

When Becky Conner, 17, suspected her boyfriend Charlie Fisher, 20, was cheating on her she launched a secret investigation behind his back whilst he was holidaying in Germany with his family…

She took to social media and messaged a girl she suspected he’d been cheating with. To her shock, the girl – who does not wish to be named – believed Charlie was also her boyfriend and the heartbroken pair joined forces to unravel their loverat’s infidelity.

Soon, they found another girl, bar supervisor Lizzi Cunningham, 19, who believed she was Charlie’s girlfriend too. What’s more, their loverat beau had bedded all three of them just hours apart.

As the girls swapped stories with one another about their serial cheat ‘boyfriend’ it emerged that Charlie had given them similar pet names like ‘babe’ and ‘darling’ in a bid to not get their names mixed up and caught out. The girls also realised the love rat had slept with each of them on the same day – and had even slept with two of the girls in the same bed.

Disgusted by what they discovered, the three girls hatched a plan to get revenge on love rat Charlie. In a story that made national headlines, the three girls turned up at the airport to confront Charlie as he returned from a family holiday.

Cheating Charlie was met by the girls shouting “liar, liar” as he walked out of arrivals.

In a comical twist, Charlie fled in a waiting car being driven by his granny and made his escape.

Lizzi, who masterminded the plan, said: ‘Seeing his face when he saw all three of us waiting for him was amazing – he just froze. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Then he ran away with his granny because he was too scared to face us. It was only hours later when I text him asking if he had anything to say for himself that he replied saying ‘sorry’. He’s deluded if he thinks I’ll ever forgive him.’

While Becky says: ‘He deserves everything that is coming to him. I can’t believe he would sleep with me then drive to Lizzi’s to sleep with her in the evening, then to the other girl’s house the next day. It is disgusting. Who knows who else he has been sleeping with. He’s a liar and I hope that other girls recognise him and know not to get involved.’

But in a happier turn of events, the three girls have now become good friends and often giggle about everything that has happened. Lizzi says: ‘I speak to Becky regularly and we are in touch with his other ex-girlfriend too. None of us knew about eachother so we don’t have any hard feelings towards one another. Now we just find what happened funny, and we always laugh about his reaction at the airport. It was priceless.’

‘Charlie is nothing special so we are all completely bewildered by the fact he managed to con all of us into being his girlfriend.’

TTTP’s senior feature writer Emily Cope placed the girls’ story with The Sun and she’s now in the process of securing the girls two more magazine deals and an appearance on an American TV show.

If you want to name and shame a cheat you’ve come to the right place! Email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.  We’ve helped expose hundreds of love rats and you can be assured that your story will be handled sensitively and told your way.  Whether you want to get your own back, expose a loverat to the world, or just help others in a similar situation, we can help. You are also guaranteed to earn the maximum payment possible for your story.  Everything sent to us will be treated as confidential and preliminary until we speak to you and you’re happy to go ahead.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Just browse the site to find many more loverat stories such as this one:



Playboy Party Girl to Prude!


Model speaks exclusively to the Sunday People about how her brain surgery changed her personality.  Kerri went from a playboy party girl to prude!

When Kerri Parker flicks through her pictures of herself as a playboy model stood next to Hugh Heffner she experiences a sudden pang of sadness. For years, the 30-year-old from Norwich enjoyed a jet setting life-style between LA and the UK, rubbing shoulders with celebs like Leonardo Dicaprio on the way. But the glamorous world of modelling seems like a world away from Kerri’s life now…

In October 2013, Kerri found out she was suffering from grade 2 brain tumour. Her world came crashing down and she had to move back in with her mum whilst she underwent life-saving treatment.

In February 2014, Kerry underwent brain surgery to have the 4 cm tumour removed.  Although the operation was a success, Kerri says she lost more than the brain tumour. Bizarrely, she lost her personality too.

Last week, Kerri told the Sunday People (arranged through Talk to the Press) how after the surgery she went off people she used to hang out with, hated films she used to love and didn’t enjoy dressing up in glamorous dresses and going out partying anymore.

Now, almost nine months on from having the surgery, instead of clubbing and drinking with her mates Kerri spends her weekends relaxing at home with her mum. What’s more, it’s even effecting her model work as Kerri used to love strutting her stuff as a beauty queen on the stage but now hates the limelight and now shies away.

In a desperate bid to get back to her old self, last month Kerri competed in a beauty pageant but she hated every second and was even bored while on stage. She says: ‘When I recovered from the operation, I was a different person. I had no confidence and hated the thought of modelling. I went to the pageant in August because I thought it might be good for me to get back into modelling, but when I was there I just felt above it all. I was bored. I also hate leaving the house and have almost become agoraphobic, whereas I used to be the heart and soul of the party.’

‘I’m making steps to get my old life back and I am moving out of my mum’s  in Durham next month and back to Norwich. But I feel different in myself. It was terrifying having brain cancer and it is scary that I have completely changed, but I am trying to stay positive.’

‘They say the survival rate for people with brain cancer is 13.5 per cent for the first five years. It is a scary statistic but I am just trying to stay strong.’

If you’ve experienced something similar to Kerri or would like to share your extraordinary story, please email or fill out the form on the right. One of our writers will get back to you as quickly as possible and we ask you not to contact any other journalists, agencies, or publications directly before we’ve told you if it’s something we can help with.

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