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Sell My Story to the Press

If you’re wondering ‘How do I sell my story to a newspaper or women’s magazine’, you’ve come to the right place.

Talk to the Press is an award-winning, highly respected press agency that specialises in selling stories.

As part of the UK’s largest independent press agency, we ensure YOUR story is told YOUR way. In addition, we guarantee you receive the highest payments for your story, video footage, or images.

How to Sell a Story, Video or Photo

As well as helping you find the right publication to sell your story to, whether that is a tabloid newspaper, a broadsheet newspaper or a women’s magazine, we will ensure you get the highest possible fee when you sell your story.

We are often asked ‘Can you sell my story more than once’ and the answer is yes. We sell stories multiple times, generating maximum coverage and earnings.

We sell stories to national newspapers and women’s magazines, as well as television programmes such as Good Morning Britain, ITV News and This Morning. Selling a story through us is completely free – we do not charge you for our services.

Wondering how do I sell my story? Email us on [email protected] with your story, or fill out our ‘sell my story’ form to the right.

SELL MY STORY SUPPORT: click if you need help handling press attention.

Sell My Story: Info

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