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How to contact the Press with a Story

You can contact the press with a story right here. We’re here to help you sell your newsworthy stories, photos, and videos. We supply content to every major publication in the World.

Share your Miracle Baby Story

share a miracle baby story with a magazine

Do you have a miracle baby story to share with others? Has your baby overcome the odds to survive? Or perhaps you would like to pay tribute to your little fighter?

Share my story of forgiveness

Talk to the Press client Figen shared her incredible story of forgiveness. Figen’s son was brutally murdered in a terror attack in Manchester, but she is the one who was handed the life sentence. Since then she has done something amazing. Tell your story, and get paid for it We helped Figen share her story […]

Share a cancer survival story

Would you like to share a cancer survival story to help raise awareness and give hope to those in a similar situation?

Sell a Story of Survival

Would you like to Sell a Story of Survival? We help people share their amazing stories with the national press. Furthermore we guarantee to pay the highest amounts for your stories. Simply fill out the story valuation form on this page to sell a story of survival of your own! Sell a story of survival […]

Sell an inspirational story

Talk to the Press is part of the largest independent press agency in the UK. We work with every major publication in the World. This month we told the story of a British woman miraculously survived after doctors flew a “liver in a box” thousands of miles from America to save her life with just hours to spare.

How to send a story to the papers

If you want to know how to send a story to the papers, you’re in the right place. Talk to the Press is here to help you sell your story for the highest fee possible, whilst staying in completed control. Our service won’t cost you a penny and there is no obligation. How to send […]

Magazine tribute to an amazing person

Would you like to publish a magazine tribute to someone amazing? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about nominating someone with an amazing story to tell? Or you think their story needs to be told in a newspaper article.

Best way to deal with the press

Best way to deal with the press

Whether you have the press on your doorstep, calling your home, or sending you messages – we’re here to tell you the best way to deal with the press.