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Love rat, kiss & tell, exposé, whistle blowing: How to sell a front page story

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    Want to know how to get a front page story in the papers?  Do you have a story to tell, whether it’s a love rat story, a kiss & tell story, an exposé, or a whistle blowing story?


    If you’re looking to sell a story on a celebrity or high profile figure, you have come to the right place.  Whether it is a love rat story, a kiss & tell, an exposé or whistle blowing, every week, we get dozens of calls from people wanting to name or shame a celeb or share their story.

    Not every story will see the light of day, mainly because there’s not enough evidence. So if you’re wanting to share your story, make sure you keep the messages between you and said celebrity, and also any pictures.

    Without this, it is unlikely we will be able to place your story with a national publication as evidence is critical in standing up your story.

    The process of selling your story

    Once you contact us via our story submission form or by calling in, we will have a brief chat on the phone and ask for the bare-bones of story.

    Naturally, if the story is concerning a celebrity people can be wary to give too much detail over the phone without an agreed fee in case we steal the story and print it.

    To put our clients’ minds at ease, we will email over confidentiality agreements to ensure nothing will be printed without their permission.  However, please be assured that we are a reputable press agency who are here to represent you – so it’s not in our interest to break our agreement.

    We’re here to make the process of selling your story as stress-free as possible and to ensure you’re paid the best fee for sharing it.

    Once we’ve established it’s a story we can place, we will ask you to email over the relevant messages/ photos to support your story. Then we’ll write a synopsis (which is a summary of your story) to pitch to the relevant people at each publication.

    All of our contacts are senior at the paper so they can make decisions quickly on stories and offer the best fees – we do not sell in stories to junior reporters – who usually pick up the phones if you call directly into a paper.

    Please be aware that we cannot tell you how much your story is worth until will know the basic information i.e. who the celebrity concerned is.  Obviously that detail will affect the value of the story greatly.

    Although you may be scared to give names, it’s is completely confidential. Obviously, some celebrities are A-listers and others are less well known, so the price offered will affect that figure. So a story regarding an A-lister or a household name will be significantly more than someone who has appeared on a reality TV programme for example.

    Also, whether you choose to be identified or remain anonymous will impact on your fee. If you’re ID’d you will receive a higher fee but if you choose not to be that’s normally not a problem, but the fee offered will generally be lower.

    As an example, this week’s story that made the front page of The Sun on Sunday our client wished to remain anonymous; due to the nature of the story this was fine – you can see the cutting of that story here.

    What happens once you agree to go ahead?

    Once you agree a fee we will set up a photoshoot (should you wish to be ID’d) and do a proper sit down interview.

    We can read back the copy upon request before it goes to press to ensure you’re 100% happy with the final piece. Just let us know if that’s something you’d like.

    Whilst we will create the perfect article for your story, please be aware that we cannot control headlines, that is always the sub-editors decision on every publication and is usually done at the very last minute inhouse.  This is standard across the entire industry.

    If you’d like to share your story, fill out the form on this page or call 0207 549 5406. One of our friendly team will get back to you ASAP.

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