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    Have you suffered an accident which has left you with a physical deformity? If you’ve ever thought ‘I’d like to sell a story about my accident’ Talk to the Press can help you.

    Read a recent client’s inspiring story in the Mirror who says finding love has helped her cope with her ‘terrible scars’

    We often work alongside courageous people who have overcome something tragic in their lives and turned it into a positive. We find their stories so inspiring that we do our best to get them out there so they can help others. Earlier this week, Bobby Mutasa, 25, a carer from Milton Keynes, got in touch with us regarding her heartbreaking story.

    Bobby was just eight when her father’s friend accidentally set fire to the car she was traveling in with a lit cigarette. While her father and his friend escaped, Bobby’s five-year-old cousin died in the accident and Bobby was left with severe burns on her face, back and arms.

    Three months later she was discharged from hospital, but Bobby’s own sister was so shocked by her injuries that she ran away screaming – afraid of her.

    We placed her story exclusively with The Daily Mirror and she spoke candidly about how she became a bully as a defence mechanism – as she was so scared kids would bully her over her scars if she didn’t.

    Today, 17 years on, and Bobby has found love with Walter, 29, a computer scientist. Incredibly, for the first six months of their relationship he never asked her about her scars. But Bobby wanted him to know and made a video on YouTube detailing what happened to her when she was younger.

    Until watching this video one week ago, Walter had no idea what had caused her scars. Since showing Walter the video, the couple have been closer than ever and Bobby says she finally loves herself.


    Making sure your story runs quickly and you’re happy with the finished piece

    We spoke to Bobbi on Monday and today, two days later, her story appeared in The Daily Mirror exclusively. This is great as sometimes papers over commission and real life stories can hang around for weeks – even months – before they run.

    It can be very disheartening for people who have shared a sensitive story and feel the paper have lost interest in it.

    To be honest, this is such the nature of journalism because of the high volume of stories papers are sent every day – and sometimes stories can get ‘held’ or ‘pushed out’ if a big news story breaks.

    One of the advantages of using Talk to the Press’ free service is that your story will never get dropped. We have a great relationship with our contacts and will push daily to get your story in. If you’re going directly, there is a high chance the journalists in-house won’t get back to you as they’re simply too busy.

    Also, it’s unlikely you’ll get a read-back as it’s not compulsory when selling your story. Having a recorded read-back is a luxury we offer as we want you to be happy with the finished piece.


    Do you have a story?

    The best way to find out if you have a story is to use our story valuation form (just write a few lines about the main points of your story) or call 0207 549 5406 and speak to us over the phone.

    Everything is completely confidential and our service to you is 100 per cent free.

    All of our staff are NCTJ qualified journalists and will be able to tell you within the first couple of minutes whether or not you have a story and what it’s likely to be worth. Then, we will talk you through the process of selling your story and will email you an electronic contract to sign to say you’re working exclusively with us.

    Please do not contact any other agencies, journalists or publications directly if you’re working with us. You can only work with one agency at any time and if you tout your story around it could jeopardise any deal (s) we secure for you (please note that all publications require exclusivity and will pay less for stories that have been sent to more than one source).


    To read more about how to sell a story to the press, see our Sell My Story page.

    We write stories for every major publication, but if you are specifically interested in appearing in the Daily Mirror or Sunday Mirror, see our Sell My Story to the Daily Mirror or Sunday Mirror page.

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