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    Do you want to sell a story to That’s Life magazine?

    If you’re looking to sell a story to That’s Life magazine you’ve come to the right place. Every month, we place dozens of stories with the popular women’s weekly.

    sell a story to that's life magazine

    Talk to the Press is part of the UK’s largest independent press agency. We work closely with the team at That’s Life, as well as every other major UK title.

    Our job is to fill the pages of That’s Life and the other women’s magazines and newspapers.

    Moreover, we act as your representative to ensure that your story is told your way. In addition, we guarantee the highest payments.

    How to sell your story to That’s Life and other magazines

    1. Simply fill out the Story Valuation form on this page. Tell us a little about your story – just the main points.
    2. One of our team will get back to you if your story sounds suitable. We’ll chat to you about your story and write it into an article that you’re happy with.
    3. We’ll negotiate a fee for you directly with That’s Life, or another publication of your choice. We can also negotiate with multiple publications so that you earn even more money.
    4. If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll publish your story and send you your payment.

    Not only do we supply stories to That’s Life, That’s Life and Bella magazine, we write for all of the national newspapers and women’s magazines. We also supply stories to television networks and shows such as This Morning, Loose Women, and Good Morning Britain.

    Send your story to us today, and we’ll let you know what it’s worth

    If you have a story to sell and you want to achieve the maximum fee simply:

    1. Call us or fill out the valuation form on this page (all we need is a few basic details and the main points of your story)
    2. We will let you know who would be interested in your story and what fees they will pay for a story of this type
    3. If you are happy, we will negotiate the highest fees for you and send you your money as soon as the story appears

    Our service is 100% free to use and there is no obligation. We ensure that you have full copy approval and are paid the maximum fee possible.

    If I want to sell a story to That’s Life magazine, what’s the difference between going direct or using Talk to the Press?

    The team at That’s Life are great. However, as you can imagine, they are busy and they’re inundated with stories. Talk to the Press reads every story. We put the suitable ones in front of the editor so they can’t be missed.

    If you go directly to a magazine you don’t know you’re getting the best fee for your story. As media experts, we know what you should be getting paid. This depends on the type of story, who you are selling it to, how small or big your story appears in the magazine, and what the demand is for stories at that moment.

    Furthermore, we will try to place your story for you with a number of different publications. For instance, after it runs in That’s Life as an exclusive, we could take it to a national paper, a TV daytime show and even other magazine (only certain magazines will print stories that have appeared exclusively in That’s Life).

    Ultimately, for every slice of media you do we’ll secure you the best fee possible. So why sell your story directly once when you can potentially sell it four or five times? Because we know in which which order to sell your story we will make sure you achieve the maximum overall payment.

    How to get the highest fee for your story in a magazine like That’s Life or other women’s magazines

    sell story to That’s Life magazineIf you’re not fussed about which magazine you appear in and just want the highest possible fee for your story, then we can pitch it to ALL of the women’s weeklies. Just like an auction, we get them to enter a bidding war for your story. We also send your story securely so that nobody can use it or print it without approval from us first.

    This means that all of the women’s weeklies will have a chance to bid for you story – substantially pushing up your fee.

    The process is a little more time-consuming than just pitching to one magazine, however it does mean we’ll be able to secure you a better deal.

    Often, during this process, we’ll be able to place with two magazines. One will agree to run first for a higher fee and another will agree to follow for a smaller fee.

    Do I have a story?

    The women’s weeklies love great ‘real life’ stories – especially if there’s an unusual twist or angle to the piece.

    There’s so many great stories out there it’s hard to list them all. The best way to find out if you’ve got a story suitable for a That’s Life or any other publication is to fill out the form on this page. Alternatively, call us on 0207 549 5406.

    One of our dedicated team will get back to you within 24 hours and let you know if it’s something we can help with or not.

    Our service to you is free and completely confidential. Once we’ve spoken to you we’ll ask you to send over the relevant pictures/ evidence and then we’ll pitch it over for you.

    Generally, we will secure you a deal within 24 to 48 hours – but we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

    More information

    If you would like to find out more about the story selling process, you can read more on our Sell My Story – How it Works page.

    You can see some of our recent client stories, latest news and current stories below:

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