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Sell My Story – How it Works

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    How to sell my story to a magazine or newspaper:

    1. Send us a short summary of your story

      Use the story valuation form on this page to tell us the main points of your story (or you can call us).

    2. We’ll get straight back to you

      One of our friendly, trained writers will contact you if your story looks suitable for the top magazines and newspaper titles we write for.

    3. Publish your story and get paid

      Once you’re happy to go ahead, our team will chat through your story with you and turn it into an article you’ll be proud of. We’ll get it published and you’ll get paid.

    Sell My Story – how it works 

    When you’re thinking ‘How do I sell my story‘, how do you know where to start?  It can feel like a daunting experience.  Don’t worry, Talk to the Press is a multi-award-winning press agency. We exist to make the process easy, enjoyable and rewarding.

    • All enquiries 100 per cent confidential.
    • No obligation.
    • Stay in control of your story. Your story, told your way.
    • Your hand held all the way through selling your story.
    • Highest story payments guaranteed.
    • Fast payments direct to your bank account.
    • Our service is free to you; you don’t pay us a penny.

    Sell my story: Step 1

    How to sell my story image

    Fill out the Sell My Story valuation form on this page with a few details about your story.  You only need to provide a few lines stating the main points of your story.  Remember, until you tell us otherwise, everything you say is completely confidential and ‘off the record’ at this stage.

    If you prefer, give us a call on 0844 963 2475 (0207 549 5406 from a mobile), or you can email us on: message@talktothepress.com so we can find out a bit more about your story and what it’s worth.

    You only need to provide us with a very short description of your story, so don’t worry too much about spending more than a couple of minutes filling out the Sell My Story form.  We just need to know what your story involves (you can even tell us in bullet points).

    Sell my story: Step 2

    Talk to the Press writer

    Once you’ve completed the ‘sell my story’ form with a few details about your story, or called our team, one of our trained and friendly writers will get back to you with a valuation of your story (based on sales of similar stories).  If you hare happy to move to the next step, we will prepare a synopsis of your story and start approaching magazines and newspapers on your behalf to find out who is interested in your story. We will secure some firm offers so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll receive before you proceed.

    Because we’re independent, we will shop around to get you the best deal for your story and even hold an auction of your story. We’ll aim to secure you multiple deals with newspapers, magazines and television to maximise your fee.

    If you decide you don’t want to sell your story, just let us know. You stay in control of your story and you are not obliged or pressurised to do anything. We understand that people change their mind (as long as you don’t change your mind after the story has gone to print)!

    Sell my story: Step 3

    Once we have an offer you’re happy with, from a publication you’re happy to be in, your story will be written and can be can read back to you upon request (before it is filed to the publication) when you can let us know if there are changes you want to make to the text.

    We don’t automatically read back articles as it’s not always necessary (and due to time constraints given the volume of stories we supply), so please just ask if this is something you’d like.

    Remember, our number one aim is that YOU are happy with the finished story. Your story will be told YOUR way, so you stay in complete control.

    Email over any relevant photographs. A photoshoot will be arranged if appropriate to your story. Often, you’ll have a hair and make up artist sent to your home too.

    Most people are a little bit nervous before a photoshoot, but everyone enjoys the experience.  The purpose of having a photoshoot is simply for us to have photos of a high enough quality to print in a magazine or newspaper (relevant photos that you send us sometimes look fine to the naked eye, but aren’t good enough to print because the resolution is too low).

    Finally – Payment for your story, TV appearances and book deals!

    We’ll transfer your fee directly to your bank account.  Once the story has appeared we can then place your story in another magazine or newspaper (if you want us to).

    Holly & Phil Image

    We arrange multiple deals for most of our clients.

    Many of our clients go on to appear on Daybreak, This Morning or Five news (only if they want to). We’ll guide you through the exact process that will maximise what you will earn from selling a story to the national media (who will pay the most, which publications will expect exclusivity, which publications will print your story second, and which publications you should avoid).

    Some of our clients are currently in the middle of making documentaries about their experiences with our television production team (yes, we have an in-house TV production company).  Others have signed book deals with major publishers.

    Read more about how we ensure you obtain the highest fee when selling your story: Get the best deal for my story.

    Or you can go ahead and get a free, no obligation story valuation for your story.

    How am I protected when I sell my story with Talk to the Press?

    Talk to the Press - You're in safe hands

    Talk to the Press is part of the largest independent media agency in the UK.  We provide an estimated 20% of all national print news/features each day.

    You can rest assured that you will receive a friendly, efficient and professional experience. Our mission is to make selling your story rewarding in every way.

    Not only are we bound by copyright law (so you retain ownership for everything you send us), we also adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation’s code of conduct.  If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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