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How to send a story to the papers

If you want to know how to send a story to the papers, you’re in the right place. Talk to the Press is here to help you sell your story for the highest fee possible, whilst staying in completed control. Our service won’t cost you a penny and there is no obligation. How to send […]

Share a story with Femail

TalkToThePress.co.uk helped Tracey Britten share her amazing story with the national press. At the time of writing, the grandmother-of-eight was set to become the UK’s oldest mum of quads, defying the odds to reach 30 weeks pregnant.

I used a toyboy for his sperm – exclusive confession

Confession: I used a toyboy for his sperm – Talk to the Press. At 36-years-old Shannon still hadn’t found Mr Right and her biological was ticking, so she used toyboy for his sperm, tricking him into giving her a baby.