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Sell my story imageAre you thinking of selling your story? Why sell your story?

Why sell your story? There are a huge range of reasons why you might consider selling your story, and each reason is as valid as the next. Every day, we’re contacted by individuals from all walks of life, and many in situations we can’t even imagine. Here are the usual reasons why people sell their story.

1) To gain a sense of closure or achievement on an event that has happened.

2) To help and inspire other people who might be going through an event, or illness that you have survived.

3) To raise awareness of an issue, charity or project.

4) To pay tribute to someone who has died.

5) To name and shame an organisation, medical establishment or individual.

6) To share what you have learned from a particular event in your life.

7) To apply pressure to an organisation, body, or individual.

8 ) For financial reward, either for yourself, or for a charity.

9) Because the media are camped on your doorstep and you feel as though talking is your only option (incidentally, it is not – contact us for help and advice if you are in this situation).

10) To set a record straight.

11) To promote a product.

Whatever your reason for approaching Talk To The Press to help you sell your story, we have the expertise. We have dealt with individuals motivated by all the reasons above, and more.


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