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How to expose a catfish

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Want to find out how to expose a catfish in the press? Has someone duped you online, or used your identity to fool others?

Expose them in the national press and help warn others.

We provide a free, no obligation service to help you make the most from your story. We’re here to make sure you’re not misrepresented and YOUR story is told YOUR way. Stay in control and get paid the highest fee possible.

Simply fill in the form on this page with a little info about your story. We’ll get back to you with a valuation for your story. One of our friendly writers will talk you through the next steps.

We can help you expose a catfish

Talk To The Press reporter Scarlet Howes helped Lil Horsley expose the woman who had stolen her identity after meeting her on a holiday 17 years ago.

Julie Wood, 46, created a character she called Jaye Mayhew – and used images of Lil Horsley, 25, as she chatted on social media.

She posted Lil’s pictures on a string of sites, calling herself Jaye, aged 29 and ‘a party animal who likes to meet new friends’.

It was hardly a surprise that Lil knew nothing of this. She had met Julie only on a ­holiday many years earlier – when she was just EIGHT years old. They hadn’t seen each other since.

She might never have found out had she not been ­tipped off by two men whose suspicions were raised.

Evidence to expose a catfish in the press

Lil wanted answers so she came to Talk To The Press with her story. Scarlet helped her piece together the evidence, and went to Julie to ask her why she had done what she did. Julie confessed to everything.

Scarlet called our contact at the Sunday Mirror newspaper who was fully behind the story. We negotiated a substantial fee for Lil. As a result the story was picked up by other online publications. Lil was able to get some justice by telling her story – and finally some answers which meant she could move on with her life.

Expose a catfish in the media | Sell a story to newspapers and magazines

Have you got a story that should be in the press? Do you want to publicise an injustice? Do you have close knowledge of a newsworthy event that you would like to get out there? Have you been a victim of discrimination? Or, like Lil, would you like to expose a catfish?

If so, get in touch by filling out a story form or calling 0207 549 5419. We work in your interests, to get you the best fee possible for your content. We make the process as smooth as possible.

If you are unsure and want some free advice, just give us a call. Our service won’t cost you a penny. There is no obligation. We never publish anything you send us without your prior consent. What have you got to lose? Get in touch today!

More information

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