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How to be famous

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    How to be famous

    Sometimes, people who approach us with a story to sell tell us they want to be famous. We can help you get press coverage about your true life experiences, but if you want to pursue a career in modelling, acting or singing, there are lots of other great resources out there.

    To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled some handy hints and useful websites for you to check out.


    Get experience

    Some people just fall into careers as models or actresses but for most, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Learning your craft is essential and can make the difference between being average or being extraordinary.

    If you want to be an actor, consider signing up for a few classes or taking part in local amateur dramatics societies. You’ll get valuable experience and get to learn the tricks of the trade. You’ll also meet people who share your goals and who may be able to offer you some useful advice.


    Look for opportunities

    Try looking at the jobs listing in The Stage, the newspaper for the performing arts industry. As well as having lots of news about the industry, they have a great jobs section. The Spice Girls got together after they responded to an ad placed in the paper.

    You may also want to consider signing up to services such as Star Now. These online directories allow you post details of your past experience, photos and your contact details. Casting directors and journalists regularly use the service to send out alerts about TV, film, modelling and press opportunities.

    Spotlight is a well known casting directory that has been in operation for more than 80 years. It also sends out regular casting breakdowns, with details of roles that are currently up for grabs. Consider signing up if you are keen on a career in acting.


    Find an agent

    An agent can help you land work and negotiate fees for you. Having an experienced person handling your career and offering you guidance is invaluable. For a comprehensive guide on how to find a reputable agent, we recommend you read the how-to guide produced by The Stage. The paper’s website has a wide range of guides for those hoping to get into the business , so check them out.

    If you are an actor, this may also be a good time for you to joim Equity. This well respected trade union provides lot of useful services, including information about jobs and an insurance plan.


    Boosting your profile

    Getting press coverage can boost your profile and could even lead to other exciting opportunities, such as TV appearances . But getting into the pages of the country’s top newspapers and women’s magazines isn’t always easy.

    Talk to the Press works with all the major titles in the UK – from the Daily Mail and The Sun to Closer and Glamour – and our team of experienced journalists know exactly what kind of stories these publications want.

    We’ve helped lots of aspiring models and actresses generate press coverage. Some of them have had amazing personal stories of love and loss, while others have been able to offer an interesting look at the life of a modern woman.

    Sheri Gill is a mum-of-one who had always been told she resembled Cheryl Cole. She signed up to a lookalike agency, who thought she might be a good candidate for a few stories we were working on. Sheri got to take part in two photo shoots and was featured in both Now and Love It. She looked great and got valuable exposure.

    If you would like to sell your story, please get in touch with via the form on our website (right) or drop us an e-mail at message@talktothepress.com.

    Become a model and get seen in magazines

    For some, glamour modelling or appearing in the top lads magazines is a route to fame. Talk to the Press works with photographer Adam Williams, who manages models and provides images to magazines such as Nuts, Zoo and newspapers like the Sport and Sunday People.

    To contact Adam about becoming one of his models, visit http://www.gfs-syndication.co.uk or email a picture of yourself to pictures@gfs-syndication.co.uk. If Adam thinks you’ve got what it takes, he will be in touch to arrange a test shoot.


    Become a professional party go-er (and get paid!)

    One way to live the life of a star is to party like one. If you are an attractive person who enjoys letting their hair down then there are many London clubs and bars who would love to have you in their venues, and may even pay you to be there.

    Being seen in London’s hot spots will give you the chance to meet many people, including celebrities, who could help boost your chances of becoming famous and you might even get snapped by the paparazzi.

    To find out about become a professional party goer, contact party organiser Tina Higginson via www.flirt-pr.com. One of Flirt’s specialities is hosting some of the best nights in the UK. Tina and her team are always looking for extra people to join them on nights out. Visit their website for further info.


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