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Make money from a funny pet video | Talk to the Press

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If you would like to make money from a funny pet video, or sell any real-life sell a story, we want to hear from you. Talk to the Press provides a free service to help people connect with the national press. This week Talk to the Press helped Corienne share her story about Buddy the parrot who managed to order Amazon gift boxes

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Corienne Pretorius contacted Talk to the Press when she realised that her African grey parrot Buddy had managed to order Amazon gift boxes online.

The naughty parrot had impersonated Corienne’s voice and activated her £150 Amazon echo smart speaker, which connects to the online shopping giant’s artificial intelligence hub.

Thinking that the amusing story might be of interest to the press, Corienne contacted Talk to the Press by filling out a story form on our website. Within 24 hours, our deputy editor Courtney Greatrex telephoned her.

Courtney spotted the potential in the quirky story and advised Corienne to capture Buddy squawking at the speaker, explaining that a video would help her secure a high fee for her story.


She then arranged for one of our photographers to take professional photos of Corienne and Buddy before negotiating a page lead in The Sun newspaper, securing a high fee for Corienne. The story also appeared on The Sun online.

Courtney knew that the lighthearted story would also work for magazines and arranged an exclusive deal with That’s Life! Magazine, again securing a good fee for Corienne.

The story was also put out on our news wire and was soon picked up by the Mail Online and Fox News. Courtney ensured that Corienne was paid each time her story appeared in a publication.

There was international interest in the adorable parrot and his shopping habits. German television company RTL wanted to interview Corienne – and Buddy too.

Courtney brokered a deal, ensuring that Corienne received a good fee for her time onscreen.

It all added up to a bumper fee for Corienne and her pet parrot. This means that Buddy can now order whatever he likes from Amazon!

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