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Our clients featuring in a Channel 4 documentary, Friday night at 7.35pm

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Six months ago three brave women made headlines after masterminding a plan which saw conman Simon Reid jailed for 30 months. They asked us to help them manage press attention, and we secured them a series of newspaper and magazine deals along with radio and tv appearances. Now their story has now been made into a documentary which airs on Channel 4, this Friday, the 9th of September, at 7.35pm.

The documentary looks at how the women, who had not known about each other’s existence, were duped by the love rat who made off with £19,000 of their money. Nicola Hillary, Laura Buckingham and Jo Ward were each fed different lies by Reid whose modus operandi was to meet women on dating sites and charm them with tall tales. He told one woman he was an international businessman, another he was a professional rock climber and one that he was a Methodist preacher.But when they realised what was happening, the women joined forces. Refusing to be victims, they devised a plan to confront him and make him confess on film. As a result of their actions, Reid was sent to prison.

When Talk to the Press first met the Nicola, Laura and Jo, they were being bombarded by journalists all vying for an interview. We quickly secured them an exclusive with the Daily Mail followed by two magazines deals. The trio were also interviewed on This Morning and then we arranged for them to be flown to New York to appear on NBC’s Today show. We then started talks with Ronachan Films who were keen to take the story to the small screen.

And that’s where our ladies will be seen on Friday night. Have your popcorn at the ready, this is Girl Power at its best!

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