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How to sell a miracle baby story | Talk to the Press

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sell a miracle baby story

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Anna Savchenko contacted Talk to the Press after she gave birth to four miracle babies.

After six years of trying for a baby and three rounds of IVF Anna and Giovanni Savchenko had almost accepted that they may never be parents.

But then, just as they had given up hope, the couple from Harlow, Essex, discovered Anna was pregnant with not just one baby – but four.

Last December the delighted parents welcomed their tiny identical twin boys Gionni and Peppe and identical twin girls Melina and Mia to the word.

The couple were bursting with joy and wanted to share their miracle story with the world.

How to sell a miracle baby story

Anna contacted Talk to the Press by filling out a story form on our website.

Deputy Editor Courtney contacted her immediately and conducted a sensitive interview about her experiences.

Anna emailed pictures to Courtney and was booked in to come to the studio for a professional photo shoot with the babies.

She was offered a substantial fee and had the story read through before it was published.

The article appeared as a double page spread and on the front page of The Sun.

She was thankful to have the opportunity to tell her miracle story.

Sell a miracle baby story to the press now

Simply fill out our story valuation form to find out what your miracle baby story is worth. There’s no obligation and nothing will be printed without your permission. Talk to the Press will help you every step of the way.

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