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    Sophie Stevenson contacted Talk to the Press when she was on the receiving end of a cruel dating prank.

    The 24-year-old said she had enjoyed a holiday romance with Dutch man Matt Jackman* while on a city trip to Barcelona.

    The pair kept in touch and Jesse invited Sophie to see him in Amsterdam. However, she told us that when she arrived in the Dutch capital he did not meet her.

    He later messaged her to say their relationship had been a joke and he was playing ‘pull a pig’ – a cruel game where a man dates an unattractive girl for a laugh.

    Understandably devastated, Sophie worried that Matt might play this heartless game on other women and contacted Talk to the Press by filling out a story form on our website, hoping to raise awareness.


    Once Sophie had decided to sell a relationship story, our deputy editor Courtney Greatrex immediately telephoned her back. Courtney was shocked to hear how she had been treated.

    Sophie provided evidence of the cruel trick. A picture of herself with Matt and screenshots of the ‘pig’ messages. Courtney then negotiated for the story to appear as a page lead in The Sun, securing a substantial fee for Sophie.

    She gave Sophie a full read-back of the story before it went to press so she knew she would not be misrepresented in any way.

    Sophie was understandably nervous about going public with her humiliating ordeal but was supported by Talk to the Press each step of the way. She was delighted by the positive response to her story and was flooded with messages of support and compassion.

    The story soon appeared in numerous papers and websites, including The Mirror, the Mail Online, Metro, The Independent, the Daily Express and many many others. Courtney ensured that Sophie was paid a fee each time a publication printed her story.


    The day after Sophie’s story appeared in The Sun, Courtney arranged for her and mum Julie to appear on This Morning to explain the sorry incident to Phil Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

    She received a good fee for appearing on television. Sophie also appreciated the opportunity to raise awareness of the cruel prank to a wider audience.

    Sophie will also be featured in The Sun’s Fabulous Daily later this week. Courtney is in the middle of negotiating a lucrative magazine deal.

    Of course Sophie is delighted about her bumper fee. However, for her the story was more about raising awareness of how such a cruel prank could affect a young woman’s confidence and self esteem. She was over the moon with the overwhelmingly positive response to her story. Sophie was happy that Talk to the Press had prepared her for each media appearance.

    Thankfully, with the massive publicity the story has generated, Mr Jackman will think twice before he pulls a prank like that again!


    Have you got a story that should be in the press? Do you have close knowledge of a newsworthy event that you would like to get out there? Whether you want to sell a relationship story, or any other type of story, get in touch by filling out a story form or calling 0207 549 5419.

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    For more information about how our service works, you can read the Sell My Story – How it Works page.  Or for other ways to contact our journalists, see the Contact Us page.

    *name has been changed on this website for legal reasons. Real name appeared in the original press article.

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