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How to sell a story about a neighbour from hell

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Do you want to sell a story about a neighbour from hell and expose them in the press? You’re in the right place.

If you want to find out how to sell a story about a neighbour who has caused havoc, we’re here to help. Talk to the Press provides a free service to help you sell your story.
If you would like to sell a story, get maximum exposure, help others in a similar situation, or simply tell your side of the story, we want to hear from you. We provide a free, no obligation service to help you make the most from your story.

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How to sell a story about a neighbour from hell

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This week, Talk To The Press reporter Scarlet Howes contacted Sarah Brooks after reading her court case with neighbour Phillip Jackson.

Boxer Phillip beat gran Lesley, daughter Sophie and granddaughter Sarah – after they told him to stop playing Whitney Houston records 14 hours a day.

Jackson was jailed on January 12 at Maidstone Crown Court for the attacks on his next door neighbours in Sheerness, Kent, last June.

We’re with you every step of the way

Scarlet went to visit the Brooks’ at their home so they could tell their side of the story. In a sensitive interview they told her how their neighbour had terrorized them for five years.

We took pictures of the family at their home.

Scarlet called our contact at the Sunday Mirror newspaper who was fully behind the story. We negotiated a substantial fee for Sarah and her family.

As a result the story was picked up by other online publications and the family were overjoyed that they could share their grievance.

Sarah said she felt she had “finally received some justice” after she thought Jackson’s punishment wasn’t harsh  enough.

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Sell a story about a neighbour from hell. Has your neighbour made your life a misery? Want to expose them or share your side of the story? You’re in the right place. Contact us today.

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