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Share a story | Heart attack at job centre

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Would you like to share a story? This week we arranged an exclusive deal for Salena Hannah who suffered a heart attack at a job centre, but was too afraid to leave for fear of losing her benefits

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Heart attack at a job centre

This week we helped Talk to the Press client, Grandmother Salena Hannah, 50, who suffered a heart attack at a job centre meeting. However, she was too afraid to leave for fear of losing her benefits. The shocking story echoes the film I, Daniel Blake, where the lead actor suffers a heart attack on the way to a job centre meeting and dies.

She claimed she had the seizure during a Jobseeker’s Allowance appointment, but was ignored by the “callous” interviewer.

“I was feeling some really bad pains in my chest. I told her at least two or three times that I was in agony. She was just so callous, she just kept ignoring me,” Salena explained.

Thankfully Salena was taken to hospital where blood tests revealed she had suffered a heart attack. Surgeons inserted two stents into her arteries. She is now recovering at home.

She spoke to Talk to the Press editor Joe Mellor and her story appeared in the Daily Mirror.

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