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    Mother and daughter best friends are so close they actually shared their wedding AND honeymoon – as a happy foursome!

    How to sell an unusual story

    Aisling and Trisha got in touch with TalktothePress.co.uk after realising their relationship was not the norm.

    Aisling Cislikauskiene (corr), 35, and her mum Trisha Duffy, 53, have always been ‘more like best friends than mother and daughter’.

    But the familial bond was made even stronger when the pair decided to tie the knot with their fiances in a shared ceremony. They even jetted off on a dream honeymoon together.

    The pair contacted TalktothePress.co.uk with their unusual story and our team helped them sell it to the press. We arranged an exclusive deal with The Sun Newspaper, and placed the story in various other newspapers and magazines once the story had been printed.

    A recent Unusual Story that we’ve sold to the national press

    Aisling and now husband Marius Cislikauskiene, 38, became engaged in March 2016, during a large family gathering.

    Romantic Marius surprised her when he got down on one knee as they enjoyed meal out with Aisling’s mum Trisha and sisters – Jamie, 16, Laura, 24, Nicki, 24, Mary, 26, Joanne, 31, and Louise, 33.

    Trisha then met her new partner, Joe Fitzgerald, 71, in June 2017, and he popped the question in January 2019 while they were all on holiday in Amsterdam.

    Mum Trisha suggested the a joint ceremony

    Both couples excitedly starting to plan separate weddings before Trisha suggested the a joint ceremony.

    Aisling and Marius were originally against the idea as they didn’t want to ‘gatecrash’ Trisha and Joe’s big day. But they soon changed their minds after realising how special the day would be if they shared it.

    Trisha had already booked and planned most of her wedding with Aisling by her side, approving all of the finer details, so it was a ‘no brainer’ that they roll it out and do a two for one.

    Valentines Day Wedding

    The foursome tied the knot on 14th February 2020 – Valentine’s Day – at Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick, Ireland, in front of 160 guests.

    Aisling, a hairdresser, from Limerick, said: “When mum first suggested that we have a joint wedding, I thought she was joking!

    “Marius and I told her not to be silly and said we wouldn’t want to gatecrash their big day. But the more we spoke about it, the more of a good idea it seemed.

    “We get on so well as a foursome – and are always going out for dinner and spending weekends together – we ended up thinking: ‘Why not?’

    “We knew we could both save a lot of money by having one big wedding and it would be easier for all of our guests coming to one event – rather than two.

    “It was the best day ever and it felt so special to share it with my mum. It made it all the more special.

    “We are more like best friends than mother and daughter. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it.”

    We didn’t want to ruin their big day

    Trisha, Joe, Aisling and Marius were enjoying dinner at the Castletroy Hotel restaurant in Limerick, Ireland, in October 2019, when they first discussed having a joint wedding.

    Aisling said: “At first we were unsure whether to go ahead with it because we didn’t want to ruin their big day.

    “They had spent so much time planning it and making it perfect. We didn’t want to jump in and change any of that.

    “Marius and I initially thought we should have two separate weddings. But we went home from the meal and thought about it and it started to really make sense.

    “We called my mum up the next morning and said: ‘Let’s go for it”!

    Let’s go for it

    Trisha, a carer, from Limerick, said: “Aisling has been there with me since day one – from the surprise engagement in Amsterdam to the amazing hen do she gave me, and all the planning for my special day.

    “Joe and I decided to ask Aisling and Marius to join our wedding, because why not? I would do anything for my children – they’re my world.”

    Aisling said: “There’s no one else I’d rather share such a special moment with.

    “Mum and I always do everything together – so to be there, beside each other, on the biggest day of our lives made perfect sense.”

    The happy couples couples booked a joint ceremony for the 14th February 2020.

    They decided to keep the double celebration a secret from their friends and family – instead claiming it was just Trisha and Joe’s big day – to surprise guests with their unusual story.

    Same Wedding Dress

    Aisling said: “Everything was already planned, so I just had to find my perfect dress.

    “One day, mum and I were out picking up her dress and we had a spare half hour. We joked that I should try a dress on, and I refused at first.

    “But then I did, and it just so happened that the first dress I tried on was my perfect gown! We were so happy – we walked home together holding our dresses!

    “What’s even more amazing is the fact that when I visited my psychic medium, Elaine Maher, in 2019, she told me there was going to be a double wedding.

    “One of my sisters got married soon afterwards and then my mum got engaged, so I thought that was it. Little did I know it would be mum and I!

    Trisha added: “We decided to keep our joint wedding a secret from all the guests – we told only the groomsmen and bridesmaids, and Marius’ parents as they had to fly across from Lithuania.

    “But nobody else knew what was going on. I had Aisling’s dress, shoes and jewellery in my house, and even though I slipped up a few times, no one ever noticed.”

    The duo soon realised that due to their closeness, they shared most of the same friends anyway. This meant the guest list remained very similar.

    Aisling said: “The funniest part was the top table. Everyone there was exactly who we wanted, so everything leading up to the big day was smooth sailing.

    “Not once did we have a different opinion or an argument about anything.”

    No arguments

    On the day, Trisha walked down the aisle towards Joe – and she was closely followed by Aisling, who had been hiding away in a separate room before Marius popped up.

    Guests were stunned, but delighted at the double wedding and Aisling and Trisha claim the day was ‘absolutely perfect’.

    Aisling said: “Mum and Joe went in first. When they had finished they asked everyone to stay, as she had a surprise.

    “And then in I walked – nobody had suspected a thing! They were all absolutely shocked, but so thrilled for us. It honestly was the best day of our lives. It was absolutely perfect.

    “What could have been a very stressful occasion was easy and thoroughly enjoyed by everybody who was there.

    “Any pre-wedding nerves melted away as I followed my mum up the aisle and having her by my side was so poignant. She’s always been there for me throughout my whole life.”

    The foursome then headed off on a joint honeymoon – on a week-long cruise around the Spanish Islands.

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