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If you would like to sell a celebrity front page story, we want to hear from you.

We provide a free, no obligation service to help you make the most from your story.  We’re here to make sure you’re not misrepresented and YOUR story is told YOUR way.

Talk to the Press isn’t just here to help you sell a celebrity front page story. If you have any story that could make an interesting magazine or newspaper story, please get in touch.

Simply fill in the form on this page with a little info about your story. We’ll get back to you with a valuation for your story. One of our friendly writers will talk you through the next steps. Moreover, our service will not cost you a penny.


Daniel Beal got in touch with Talk to the Press after allegations surfaced that Kevin Spacey had behaved inappropriately with a 14-year-old actor in 1986.

Dan contacted us by filling out a story form on our website and reporter Isolde Walters called him within an hour.

She was shocked to hear his story.

He claimed that he had encountered the sleazy Hollywood star seven years ago while he was working as a hotel barman in Chichester.

During the course of the evening Daniel said that Spacey flashed at him outside the bar.

The House Of Cards actor then suggested they swap watches, exchanging a timepiece worth more than £5,000 for Dan’s cheap Casio wristwatch.

Looking back, Dan believed it was an attempt to hush him up.

After learning of the allegations against Spacey, Dan wanted to get his story out there.

Following the interview, he sent Isolde a picture of him wearing the watch on the night the encounter took place.


Isolde pitched the story to our contacts at The Sun who were immediately interested. Isolde negotiated a very high fee for Dan.

Before publication, she read the story to Dan to make sure he was happy with it and that he was given a chance to change any details he felt were too personal.

Finally, the story appeared on the paper’s front page and on pages four and five. After publication, Dan was compensated very well for the paper’s coverage.

The story was later picked up by numerous news outlets including the Mail Online, the Guardian and Metro, raising more awareness of how Spacey had behaved for many years.

Dan was happy to finally go public with his story in the hopes that it would encourage others to speak out in the face of inappropriate behaviour – no matter how famous or powerful the person behaving that way is.


Have you got a story that should be in the press? Do you have close knowledge of a newsworthy event that you would like to get out there? If so, get in touch by filling out a story form or calling 0207 549 5419.

We work in your interests, to get you the best fee possible for your content and make the process as smooth as possible. Equally, if you are unsure and want some free advice, just give us a call.  Furthermore, our service won’t cost you a penny, there is no obligation, and we will never publish anything you send us without your prior consent.


For more information about how our service works, you can read the Sell My Story – How it Works page.  Or for other ways to contact our journalists, see the Contact Us page.

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