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Send a Video to You’ve Been Framed

Would you like send a video to You’ve Been Framed?

You can send your video to ITV’s You’ve Been Framed right here. BUT, did you know that you can also earn more than £250 from your video footage by selling it to websites, newspapers and magazines?

If you’ve caught something amazing, funny or newsworthy on camera – we’ll pay you for your footage. We work with every major TV and online publishing outlet in the world.

Whether your footage is a funny pet video, a newsworthy event, or something incredible, you can earn cash from your clip. Submit your Video using our VIDEO UPLOAD tool below. Or, just tell us a bit about your video using the Contact Form on this page.

Find out what my Video Footage is Worth

To sell a video clip, simply upload it using our Transfer tool below. We’ll let you know what your clip is worth. Don’t worry, we will never use or share anything you send us without your permission.

Submit Video or Image

Find out what your content is worth

Submit your footage or images using our secure transfer tool

If you are nervous about sharing the footage, you can tell us about the video using the form on this page instead. We’ll get back to you to find out more.

How to Earn More from Your Video

Talk to the Press works with every major television network, news site and online publication around the globe.

We will distribute your video footage to the appropriate publishers or TV shows, and our payment tracking system will ensure that you’re paid every time it’s used.

Can I send a video to You’ve Been Framed and also sell it through Talk to the Press

If you’re wondering if you can send a video to You’ve Been Framed and sell it through Talk to the Press, the answer is YES!

Whilst we normally ask for exclusivity over your content (to ensure we can negotiate the highest payments), you can go ahead and send your story to You’ve Been Framed. Just remember not to send your content to anyone else, or it could affect the price you receive for your footage.

Simply submit your video. Our team will review it and get straight back to you if it’s suitable. Whats more, you won’t be waiting years to get paid.

Sell a Video Clip – What happens next?

Once you send your footage using our Video upload tool, it will be reviewed by one of our video experts working within our Video team.

We’ll get straight back to you if your video looks suitable for the news and entertainment outlets we work with.

If you decide to go ahead, we will distribute your video and you can watch the payments roll in using our Google backed payment tracking system.

What type of Videos are we looking for?

Because Talk to the Press works with all major publications and production companies around the world, we’ll consider almost any entertaining or newsworthy video. Here are some examples of the video footage we’re looking for:

  • Breaking news content: Have you captured an unfolding news story?
  • Celebrity video footage: Have you captured a celeb, star or politician on film?
  • Crazy, bizarre or entertaining: Did you capture something incredible on camera?
  • Funny pet and animal videos: Everyone loves a cute or amazing pet video!
  • Anything else: If you think it’s newsworthy, or guaranteed to go viral, we want to see it!

More information about how to sell a video clip

You can find more information about how to sell a video, photo or story to the press here. Or take a look at the Sell My Story page.

To find out more about Talk to the Press, visit our About Us page.

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