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How to expose a catfish

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Free business press coverage

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How to get my business in the press: Talk to the Press

This week we helped Amanda Sparrow promote her Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow impersonation business. Super-fan Amanda has spent thousands of pounds turning herself into Jack Sparrow. Amanda Sparrow, who changed her surname from Large, has splashed out more than £4,000 getting tattoos, gold plated teeth and dreadlocks to transform herself into her favourite pirate.

Want free PR in the national press?

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How do I sell my kiss n’ tell story?

Every day we place dozens of stories to the national papers and women’s magazines. It you are thinking ‘how do I sell my kiss n’ tell story’, it’s simple: we work on your behalf to secure you the highest fee for your story and ensure that you receive fully copy approval to make sure you’re happy with the final copy.