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How to turn a video into cash | Talk to the Press

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How to turn a video into cash, sell photographs to the press, or sell a story. If you would like to sell anything that could make a good newspaper or magazine article, we want to hear from you.

We provide a free, no obligation service to help you make the most from your story, video or photograph.  We’re here to make sure you’re not misrepresented and YOUR story is told YOUR way.

Simply fill in the form on this page with a little info about your story, photo or video clip. We’ll get back to you with a valuation for your story. One of our friendly writers will talk you through the next steps.

turn a video into cash

How to turn a video into cash. Get your footage in the national news, and get paid each time it is used. Free service. No obligation. Track usage and payments. Stay in control. Protect your identity.

How to turn a video into cash

You can find out more about how to sell a story on our Sell My Story page, or about selling photos here. On this page, we’re going to talk about how to turn a video into cash.

When a consultant, who has asked not to be named, received a video on Whatsapp showing an 18st naked stripper clambering on top of a recruitment exec, he decided to call Talk to the Press.

He spoke to reporter Isolde Walters and explained that the shocking video was taken in the office of James White, winner of The Apprentice.

Isolde asked the consultant to send the video and any other proof he had.

She was shocked by the inappropriate clip which showed the stripper straddling the exec while wearing just a policeman’s hat and knee-high boots as his managers pinned him down on the floor.

Isolde asked for extra evidence and, when she received it, she immediately wrote up a memo for the story. She called our source and read through the memo with him so that she was sure he was happy with it.

How we sell your video for cash

Within an hour of the source calling the office, editor Joe Mellor had placed the story with our contacts at The Sun for a significant fee.

The paper was extremely keen on the story and put calls in to check all the facts. The Sun made a significant offer in order to run the story as an exclusive.

When we were informed that the story would be The Sun front page, we negotiated an even higher fee for our source.

The story gained great coverage in the paper – ensuring our source was financially rewarded for sharing his story. The story also raised awareness of the awful sexist culture in James White’s recruitment firm, Right Time Recruitment.

Getting the most money for your video

Now the story has been used as an exclusive, Talk to the Press is in the process of arranging further online deals for publications to use the shocking video. We ensure that our source is paid each time it appears on a news site. We teamed up with Google become the only agency in the world with an online system that tracks each use of your video, and your payments.

By going with Talk to the Press, our source ensured he could get his video out there and make the most money possible while raising much needed awareness of the sexist atmosphere in the recruitment company.

Most importantly he was able to protect his identity. Talk to the Press is able to guarantee anonymity and act as a barrier between you and the publication. 

Would you like to turn a video into cash?

Have you got a story that should be in the press? Do you have close knowledge of a newsworthy event that you would like to get out there? Have you taken newsworthy footage on your mobile? Would you like to turn a video into cash? If so, get in touch by filling our valuation form or calling 0207 549 5419. Tell us a little about your content and we’ll let you know what it’s worth.

We work in your interests, to get you the best fee possible for your content. We make the process as smooth as possible. If you are unsure and want some free advice, just give us a call.  Our service won’t cost you a penny, there is no obligation, and we will never publish anything you send us without your prior consent.

If you have mobile phone footage, camera footage, or you want to help your Youtube clip go viral, contact us today.


For more information about how our service works, you can read the Sell My Story – How it Works page.  Or for other ways to contact our journalists, see the Contact Us page. If your story involves a celebrity, read our page about how to sell a celebrity story.

Whatever your story, photo or video. We want to hear from you. We consider all types of content, as long as it would make a good newspaper or magazine article.

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